Carol Piera

Carol Piera, the face and mind behind WANTED?, has an extended experience in multiple sectors including communication, advertising, public relations and artistic and film production. She has a long history of over twenty years as a casting director, as well as a strong connection to many talent agencies around the world.

“Finding the truth within the actors is a challenging task if you have not experienced their same emotions, their same insecurities. You must pamper them, you must understand them just so you can get the best out of their inner selves". 


The job of a casting director is of critical importance to any production. We must understand extremely well our environment to be able to predict the particular needs of any customer; and that takes time, experience, and a well-trained eye. From the very moment we get the call from a client, we are there to offer our best services, which are and have been constantly improving for long years of practical learning and constant dialogue with the current arts scene.

As experts in the field,  Carol and the WANTED? team are the safe bet to more than just a simple casting, but a whole experience based on excellence and commitment.




Our selection method is reliable, fast, and rigorous. The final shortlist is always based on quality.

These are the three stages through which we ensure our great performance.



As soon as a client contacts us, we discuss their needs and develop a casting proposal taking into consideration every piece of information given such as the casting breakdown, script, storyboard, and budget requirements. The WANTED? team works on a preliminary selection of actors and models that could fit in the profiles before the casting call is issued. Agencies and representatives provide us with all their people’s information and, in some cases, we can get it from our archive.



Once we have green light to move on, the open or pre-selected casting call is sent and the auditions begin. This is the critical stage: it ought to be agile so the client can get the results as soon as possible, but we must find every actor or model’s potential so we can surely present the best candidates. Making people comfortable while performing or going through different registers allows us to get the best of their looks and skills.



As the casting takes place, its content is uploaded so the client can stream it online or download it on demand. When the audition session concludes, the client selects the actors or models they want to have at the callback, or sometimes those who will directly get the part. Finally, we get in touch with our providers to state the final selection and complete the casting process.