WANTED?’s casting system is one of the most flexible yet meticulous in our country. Being able to witness the development process of a casting is something that not many people get to do on a day-to-day basis, but we have been doing it for decades. Our expertise combined with the feedback from the film production industry people we regularly reach out to makes our value standards unique.




Carol Piera, the face and mind behind WANTED?, has an extended experience in multiple sectors including communication, advertising, public relations and artistic and film production. She has a long history of over twenty years as a casting director, as well as a strong connection to many talent agencies around the world.

“Finding the truth within the actors is a challenging task if you have not experienced their same emotions, their same insecurities. You must pamper them, you must understand them just so you can get the best out of their inner selves".


The job of a casting director is of critical importance for any production. We must understand extremely well our environment to know in advance what can we offer to the customer, and that takes time, experience, and a well-trained eye. From the very moment we get the call from a client, we are there to offer our best services, which are and have been constantly improving for long years of practical learning and constant dialogue with the current arts scene. That is how we ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

As experts in the field,  Carol and the WANTED? team are the safe bet to more than just a simple casting, but a whole experience based on excellence and commitment.